• Motorcycle Rally

  • Music on Main Street (Sarah Dorrance)

  • College Days (Carl Brown)

  • Classic Car Show in Red River

  • Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally (Dorrance)

  • River & Brews Blues Fest

  • Aspencade: Steampunk Style

  • Ms Oktoberfest Stein Holding Competition

  • Fine Art & Wine Festival

  • Hot Chili Days, Cool Mountain Nights Music Festival & Cookoff (Davis)

  • Hot Chili Days, Cool Mountain Nights Music Festival & Cookoff (Davis)

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Turbine Toolshed Live

August 30, 2014

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Turbine Toolshed Live
9:00 pm
Location: Bull o' the Woods Saloon

Turbine Toolshed is a group of musicians that came together by meeting up for weekly "Monday Night Jams" at a very special canyon just outside of Amarillo, Texas, called The Lost Canyon. While all hailing from different musical backgrounds, such as Folk, Hip-Hop, Bluegrass, Blues, Dance Music and Texas Country, they are able to meet in the middle to create a genre that is truly unclassifiable. It is each members understanding of their own genre, while also forming it into the band's collective sound, that makes each night a different and memorable experience for the audience. Even though the band members backgrounds are different, they can agree on one thing, and that is to keep the audience dancing.

Enchanted Circle Century Bike Tour

September 7, 2014

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Enchanted Circle Century Bike Tour
Location: Red River & the Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway

Nearly 600 cyclists take on the Enchanted Circle scenic byway for one of the most challenging tours in the southwest.  100-miles of northern New Mexico's beauty make this a ride to remember.

• 5 rest stops, 4 SAG wagons, and EMS driving the circle.
• Starting elev. 8,750 ft. - Lowest point 7,000 ft., highest point 9,820.
• 25 mile & 50 mile out and back, and 100 mile tour.

Contact the Red River Chamber of Commerce for more information, (575) 754-2366

Red River Bluegrass Festival

September 11–14, 2014

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Red River Bluegrass Festival
Location: Red River Community House

Head to the Red River Community House for this exciting event featuring Bluegrass and Americana musicians from all over the region. This is a FREE music festival! Click here for event flyer.

THURSDAY,  September 11th
1 pm - 4 pm  Bluegrass Mini-Camp, The Hard Road Trio
5 pm - 6 pm  Mic-Chek Band
6 pm - 7 pm Bill Herne Trio
7 pm - 8 pm  Mystic Lizard
8 pm - 9 pm  Augusta Road                                  
9 pm -10 pm   Triple L Band

FRIDAY, September 12th
9 am -Noon  Bluegrass Mini-camp, The Hard Road Trio
6 pm -7 pm  The Lost Howlin' Coyotes
7 pm - 8 pm  Bobby Giles and Music Mountain    
8 pm -9 pm  Blue Ridge Entertainers                  
9 pm -10 pm Triple L Band  

SATURDAY, September 13th
10 am -Noon Workshops      
12 pm -1 pm Mini-Camp Ensambles
1 pm -2 pm  Ry Taylor and Tim Colliver
2 pm - 3 pm  Jacob and James Quartet
3 pm -4 pm  Blue Ridge Entertainers
4 pm -5 pm  Hard Road Trio
5 pm -6 pm  Bobby Giles and Music Mountain
6 pm -7pm Fritz Davis Quartet
7 pm - 8 pm  The Rifters
8 pm -9 pm  TRIPLE L BAND
9 pm -10 pm  Blue Ridge Entertainers

SUNDAY, September 14th
10 am -11:30am  RRCH CHURCH SERVICES/Mic-Chek Band
NOON-1 pm  Augusta Road
1 pm -2 pm The Hard Road Trio
2 pm -3pm  Triple L  Band
3 pm -4 pm  Mic-Chek Band