Christmas Eve Fireworks & Torchlight

DECEMBER 24th - Torchlight parades date so far back in skiing history no one can quite place when the tradition first began. Most old timers recall wrapping pipe insulation around an old ski pole, dipping it in diesel fuel and lighting it before descending the slopes in the dark. Participants had to be extra careful or their cloths could catch on fire!

These days the tradition kicks off at Red River Ski & Summer Area with a Rail Jam (a “jib contest” using objects or obstacles to jump upon or over) at 5:30pm following by the annual Christmas Eve Fireworks and Torchlight Parade at 7:00pm.

A 45-plus year tradition, this is a beautiful light show put on by Red River Ski Area’s ski/snowboard instructors, patrol, locals and a few guests who ski/snowboard down the mountain with flares while fireworks light up the sky.

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  • Red River Valley Torchlight (Ron Weathers)